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    September 13, 2017 by Okaminarutofan999


    A user by the name of Cleardrop once adopted this Wiki all the way back in 2012. Shortly after she was given bureaucrat rights, she promoted KalinaVita.

    She had been editing this Wiki until 2016, where her edits slowly became less frequent until she eventually vanished. KalinaVita has long since become inactive back in 2012.

    And of course, the founder is nowhere to be seen, meaning that this Wiki has been without an admin for a while.

    Seeing as how nobody else seems to have an interest in adopting this place, or has been editing on a consistent and frequent basis, I would like to perhaps become this Wiki's new bureaucrat. I do have a lot of ideas on how to improve this Wiki, and have already started to add new images to galleries and fi…

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