Hello, my fellow wiki contributors,
This wikia used to have only one active admin, who was the founder of it. However, this admin has not been active ever since January, means she has been missing for almost one year. Since this wiki could need lots of design updates, deletion of unneeded redirects or former, false named pages and other important updates, such as direct links in the wikia navigation, I thought it would be an amazing idea to adopt this wikia.
The rules for an adoption, however, require that all active users, who are not many, as I see, need to give me their permission to adopt it first, what I support in every possible way, since I don't want to be rejected by any of you later on. I want to hear you opinion on this, so please leave a comment.

What does this mean? - It would mean that I would receive administrator rights and would be able to organize the wiki's design. I would add a background, fitting to the Little Busters! series and keep an eye on trolls, who come here to remove edits, which our users have worked on hard, for fun.

I can assure that I am an active member of this wiki, although I only started to edit it one week ago. I am planning to spend my time on here for much longer, since the anime has just started and would need summaries, trivia informations and pictures, to keep this wikia a useful one.

Let's work together and hope for a sucessful future on this wiki :)

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