Tebwa (テヴア, Tevua) is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is the birthplace of Kudryavka Noumi and the place she considered home as she was traveling around the world.


Tebwa is an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean near the equator. The islands of Tebwa were colonized by the Russians and became part of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). However, when the economy of the island crumbled, the USSR abandoned the islands and became an independent nation known as the Republic of Tebwa. The full name of the nation is "Republic of Novaya Tebwi Ma Tenua"; which is often shortened to "Republic of N.T.M.T." or just Tebwa; and means "New 13 Archipelago Republic" in the Kiribati language.
Tebwa has 13 archipelagos which consist of volcanic islands, coral islands, atolls and surrounding reefs. The islands have a total size of approximately 800 square kilometers; of which the largest island group is around the size of Tokyo (622 square kilometers). The official languages are Russian, English and a local dialect of Gilbertese. The population is half Caucasians from Russia, Europe and America with the remainder split between the natives and other Asian. A lot of tension exists between the natives and the colonists. Currently, Tebwa's main industries are the space industry, fishing, agriculture and undersea mining.
The capital city is Gorod Zvezda (Город Звезды; ズヴィズダ市 zuvizudashi); which can be translated as Star City; which is the birthplace of Kudryavka. The city also has a cosmonaut school, which Kudryavka attended for a short while. The school uses both Russian and English. Because Kud's English is not good enough, she could not keep up with the pace of the school and had to leave, after which she fled to Japan. The island also has an experimental launch base for rockets (Novyy Baikonur (новый байконур), which is controlled by TASA, Tebwa's space agency).



  • One of the islands is called Lisichka-β (リシーチカβ島, Лисичка). Lisichka was also a Soviet space-dog.

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