Kanji 高宮
Rōmaji Takamiya
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Voice Actors
Japanese Eimi Okada
English Tiffany Terrell
First Appearance
Anime Episode 02 - If You're Happy, I'm Happy

Takamiya (高宮 Takamiya) is one of Riki's classmates and is known to be a bully.



Takamiya is one of Riki's classmates. She often hangs out with her friends Katsusawa, Suginami and Yamazaki, who are also classmates of Riki. She often bullies other people in her class, including members of the Little Busters.
She often bullies Kudryavka Noumi because of her bad English. In episode 19, when Kudryavka studies for the proficiency exams, she bullies Kudryavka along with Katsusawa and Yamazaki while taking bets that she will be failing her exams.
She also bullies Yuiko Kurugaya and Riki Naoe during Yuiko's route, putting all kinds of garbage in their lockers along with Katsusawa and Suginami. They are stopped by Riki and Yuiko after being threatened. In the anime she bullies Kudryavka and Komari instead and confesses that she conspires to do the same to every member of the Little Busters.


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