Refrain 13
English Little Busters
Kanji リトルバスターズ
Rōmaji Ritoru Basutāzu
Release December 28, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Refrain 12 - A Single Request EX 01 - Secret Agent: Saya Tokido

Little Busters (リトルバスターズ, Ritoru Basutāzu) is the thirteenth and final episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on December 28, 2013.

Short SummaryEdit

Having another attack of narcolepsy, Riki realizes that he always falls asleep at the sight of unpleasant situations, since he saw his parents' dead bodies in a car accident when he was a child, and determined to overcome this weakness, he awakens with Rin's help. Knowing that the bus will explode, Riki and Rin start rescuing the other students from the wreckage only to discover that Kyousuke is using his own body to prevent the gas from leaking further, leaving the duo no other option but to pick him up after carrying all the others to safety. The bus explodes just after Riki and Rin return to rescue Kyousuke, but the incident ends with no deaths. Three months later, all of the students have returned from the hospital except Kyousuke, who is still in a coma, and the other Little Busters spend their days together, waiting for him to return. Once Kyousuke finally returns, the Little Busters have their own, private field trip to the beach together.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Important EventsEdit

  • Riki woke up with the help of Rin.



  • This episode marks the end of the Refrain arc.
  • This episode also marks the end of the second season.

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