Refrain 12
English A Single Request
Kanji お願いごとひとつ
Rōmaji Onegaigoto Hitotsu
Release December 21, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Refrain 11 - The End of the World Refrain 13 - Little Busters

A Single Request (お願いごとひとつ, Onegaigoto Hitotsu) is the twelfth episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on December 21, 2013.

Short SummaryEdit

Riki and Rin awaken in the real world and reminisce that during their field trip, their bus got into an accident and Masato and Kengo used their own bodies to protect them. Despite injured, they flee from the site of the accident to avoid being caught in the impending explosion but after reaching a safe distance, Riki leaves Rin behind to return and attempt to help the others. However, he starts suffering another attack of narcolepsy and struggles to keep himself awake. Meanwhile, Rin has a meeting with Komari and the other girls in spirit and wishing to not part ways with them, she decides to look for a way to save them as well.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Important EventsEdit

  • Riki and Rin woke up in the real world.
  • They remembered the bus accident that injured many of their friends.
  • While attempting to help the others, Riki experienced another attack of narcolepsy.
  • Rin decided to look for a way to save the others after meeting with Komari.



  • This is the first episode set in the real world.

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