Refrain 10
Little Busters Refrain - 10 - Large 03
English And So I'll Do It Over Again
Kanji そして俺は繰り返す
Rōmaji Soshite Ore wa Kurikaesu
Release December 07, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Refrain 09 - A Friend's Tears Refrain 11 - The End of the World

And So I'll Do It Over Again (そして俺は繰り返す, Soshite Ore wa Kurikaesu) is the tenth episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on December 07, 2013. This episode is Kyousuke's episode.

Short SummaryEdit

Having assembled the rest of the original Little Busters, Riki intends to save Kyousuke from despair the same way he did for him when his parents died. Meanwhile, Kyousuke reminisces that in fact the world they are living was created by his spirit with the purpose of preparing both Riki and Rin to live without him and the others, as all of them (except for the pair) apparently perished during an accident. Since then, he created an alternate timeline that was always reset when either both of them had fallen into despair. However, his power to maintain this realm begins declining, leading to the strange events occurring in the previous loop, and the departure of the other girls. When Riki and Rin ran away after Rin broke down from being separated from the others, he was losing his faith until Riki managed to establish himself as the leader of the group, and once reunited with his friends. He decides that the time for him and the others to bid farewell to Riki and Rin is now at hand.

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