Refrain 06
English At the End of the Escape
Kanji 逃亡の果てに
Rōmaji Tōbō no Hate ni
Release November 09, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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At the End of the Escape (逃亡の果てに, Tōbō no Hate ni) is the sixth episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on November 09, 2013. It is the third and final episode of Rin Natsume's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

Resuming from the fall, Riki realizes that all the letters were a part of "Kyousuke's plan" to make Rin a more confident person. In the morning, the group all watch Rin leave the school without a word. Riki is then left with an impression that Kyousuke sent her away and that he is trying to break the Little Busters. The next few weeks, Riki gets text messages from Rin saying that she doesn't know what to do at the school. He replies, "Do your best" and "Hang in there". For days, Rin continues texting Riki that she is surrounded by strangers that are depressed, which makes her lonely. He soon finds out that Kyousuke rigged Rin's phone so she can't contact Komari, which means that Rin is all alone crying. Concerned for Rin being isolated, Riki decides to go after her, but in his path, he is stopped by Kyousuke who grabs him by the arm. However, Kyousuke makes a deal that he will bring her back for weekends only. On the next weekend, Rin is spotted at the school gate by Riki who runs to her but she suddenly collapses. She is depressed and stays in bed. He can't bare to see her like that, so he asks Kengo to help him fight Kyousuke to keep Rin from going back to the school. Kyousuke agrees to duel them with a game of baseball with Masato in the rain. After Riki and Kengo fail to pass, Kengo claims that Kyousuke rigged the game and punches him before being restrained by Riki and Masato. Later, Riki goes and wakes up Rin in the dorms and tells her that they are running away together. They travel to a house in the country where they played as kids, but they are eventually discovered by the police who raid the house. In the end, Riki realizes that he isn't strong enough to protect Rin.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Important EventsEdit

  • Riki realized that the letters were all part of "Kyousuke's plan" on making Rin a more confident person.
  • Rin left for the invitation.
  • Rin became lonely and sad due to Kyousuke rigging her phone and the people around her being all depressed.
  • Riki and Kengo fought Kyousuke to keep Rin from returning to the school.
  • After they lost, Riki decided to run away with Rin.
  • As they ran away, they were caught by the police.
  • Riki realized that he couldn't protect Rin.


Refrain 06


  • This episode marks the end of Rin's arc.

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