Refrain 05
English The Final Task
Kanji 最後の課題
Rōmaji Saigo no Kadai
Release November 02, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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The Final Task (最後の課題, Saigo no Kadai) is the fifth episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on November 02, 2013. It is the second episode of Rin Natsume's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

Members of the Prefectural Assembly are expected to make an inspection at the school and realizing that it is part of the "final task", Riki and Rin volunteer themselves to guide them around. Despite Rin's shy demeanor, she manages to guide the visitors properly and they get so impressed with her that they invite her to take part in a student exchange program, as part of their plan to help the students of another school to overcome a tragedy that claimed the lives of some of their classmates. Riki at first asks Rin to decline their invitation, but he later realizes that this could be an important experience for her and that if they are truly meant to be together, he will eventually reunite with her once the program is over. However, when Riki tries to encourage her to accept instead, she gets angry at him for asking her to leave his side and accepts the invitation. On the eve of Rin's departure, Riki realizes that all the tasks they received helped her to mature and improve her confidence, concluding that it was all a part of Kyousuke's plans, including inviting Komari and the other girls to become part of their group. His suspects are confirmed when Riki finds Lennon with Kyousuke and then he confronts him about the "secret of the world" he mentioned at his letters. But before getting some answers, they are forced to run away from being caught outdoors during curfew and when Riki trips over, Kyousuke disappears in front of him.

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Important EventsEdit

  • Riki and Rin performed their "final task", which is to guide the members of the Prefectural Assembly around the school.
  • The members were impressed with Rin and invited her to take part in a student exchange program.
  • At first, Riki wanted Rin to deny the invitation but he realized that it will be a wonderful experience for her.
  • Rin reluctantly accepted the invitation after Riki pleaded to her to take part.
  • Riki knew that all the tasks and even his friends' joining in the Little Busters were all Kyousuke's plans.


Refrain 05


  • This episode goes straight to the situation of the Rin 2 route in the visual novel, instead of going through Rin 1 first.

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