Refrain 04
English Riki and Rin
Kanji 理樹と鈴
Rōmaji Riki to Rin
Release October 26, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Riki and Rin (理樹と鈴, Riki to Rin) is the fourth episode of Little Busters! Refrain. It aired on October 26, 2013. It is the first episode of Rin Natsume's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

While thinking about what Yuiko said to him, Riki is approached by a girl named Suginami, who confesses her feelings for him, but claims that she knows he already likes someone else and flees. Wondering what she meant, Rin's image come to Riki's mind, and upon learning what happened, Kyousuke reveals that a third-year student had also confessed to Rin, but he helped her decline him. Later that day, Rin asks Riki to help her buy some cat food and on the way back, she suggests they start dating and Riki agrees after confirming that she likes him. Riki has trouble trying tell Kyousuke about it the next day, but Kyousuke claims that he already knew about it. Riki and Rin later tell the rest of the Little Busters, who congratulate them, but Riki chases after Rin after she runs away embarrassed. Lennon brings them another mysterious letter telling them that they have one final task to do before "learning the secret of the world", which is to "volunteer themselves during homeroom".

Detailed SummaryEdit

Important EventsEdit

  • Suginami confessed to Riki that she likes him but assured him that he likes someone else, which made Riki think about who does he really like.
  • Riki and Rin started dating after Rin made a surprising revelation to Riki while walking on the way back.
  • Riki and Rin received their "final task", which is to "volunteer themselves during homeroom".


Refrain 04


  • This episode marks the starting point of Rin's arc.
  • Suginami's confession is in the form of a conversation instead of a love letter, like it happened in the visual novel.

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