Raison - Cover
Name Raison /

Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata

Kanji ピクルスをおいしくするつくりかた
Release December 29, 2009
Track Numbers 07 Tracks
Running Time 23:52
Album Type Image Song Single

Raison / Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata (ピクルスをおいしくするつくりかた) is an image song single for the Little Busters! Ecstasy Visual Novel. It features the heroine Kanata Futaki.


"Raison / Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata" (ピクルスをおいしくするつくりかた) is an image song single for the Little Busters! Ecstasy visual novel, and was first released on December 29, 2009 at Comiket 77 in Japan by Key Sounds Label bearing the catalog number KSLA-0049. The single is for the heroine Kanata Futaki, and contains two tracks sung by Keiko Suzuki, the voice actress of Kanata. Three of the tracks are short drama monologues of Keiko Suzuki playing Kanata.

Track List

No. Title Music Length
01. "Kanata Talk 'Joshiryō nite (I)'" 0:27
02. "Raison" Shinji Orito 5:30
03. "Kanata Talk 'Joshiryō nite (II)'" 1:54
04. "Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata" PMMK 4:08
05. "Kanata Talk 'Tōi Machi no Apartment nite'" 2:12
06. "Raison (Off Vocal)" Shinji Orito 5:32
07. "Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata (Off Vocal)" PMMK 4:09


  • "Kanata Talk 'Joshiryō nite'" is japanese for "Kanata Talk - At the Girl's Dormitory"
  • "Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata" is japanese for "How to Make Pickles Delicious"

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