Little Busters! OVA
OVA 01
English I Will Protect The World Of Saitou!
Kanji 世界の斎藤は俺が守る!
Rōmaji Sekai no Saitou wa Ore ga Mamoru!
Release November 15, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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I Will Protect The World Of Saitou! (世界の斎藤は俺が守る!, Sekai no Saitou wa Ore ga Mamoru!) is an original video animation (OVA) episode of the first season of the Little Busters! animation. It is a special episode that did not air on TV that will be distributed to those who bought all 9 volumes of Blu-Ray or DVD of the first season. It has been distributed in November 15, 2013. The episode includes the story about Mask the Saitou and contains a bathing scene with the female members of the Little Busters.

Short SummaryEdit

The original Little Busters discuss the titles they have given Masato and Kyousuke decides to organize the battle rankings where two members fight each other; and the winner bestows a title upon the loser. Kyousuke decides that Riki starts at the last place. Masato immediately challenges Rin and wins but becomes angry because he still keeps his old title ("Space Idiot"). After a fan service scene and with Mio playing pranks on Komari and Masato; Riki challenges Mio. Despite Mio having the aid of the mad scientists, Riki still manages to win. After that, he manages to defeat Kudryavka and Haruka; but then a mysterious challenger (called Mask the Saitou) appears and defeats Yuiko. Riki notices a new challenger has appeared and calls Kyousuke, who also at that moment gets defeated by the new challenger. Riki and Kengo decide to defend Rin together, who would be the next target. However, Rin gets distracted and follows Lennon, separating her from Riki which allows Mask the Saitou to defeat Rin and Kengo, bringing him to the 1st place in the ranking. After that, Mask the Saitou challenges Riki but just before he manages to defeat Riki, Rin and Komari interrupt him by reading a story. The story they are reading touches Mask the Saitou so much that he has to cry and surrender. Mask the Saitou then reveals his true identity as Kyousuke and gives the mask to Riki.
In between the fights, many bathing scenes with the girls can be seen. Also, there is a scene where Yuiko tricks Mio, Kud and Rin into playing pranks on Komari.

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  • This episode adapts the Battle Sequence Minigame in the visual novel.
  • The ending has been slightly changed for this episode; Riki is wearing Saitou's mask.
  • Saya Tokido can be seen various times, hidden in the crowd.

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