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Little Busters! SS
English Litle Busters! SS
Kanji リトルバスターズ! SS
Rōmaji Ritoru Basutāzu! SS
Publication Date October 29, 2012

Little Busters! SS (Little Busters! Side Story) is a spin-off visual novel of Little Busters! released by Key for Android and iOS. Currently, there are 5 volumes released.

List of VolumesEdit

  • Volume 1: One Day, Fine Day (released on 2012-10-29)
  • Volume 2: Kansatsu Nikki (released on 2012-12-03)
  • Volume 3: Aru Ame no Hi no Koto (released on 2013-01-07)
  • Volume 4: A Snowy Day (released on 2013-02-12)
  • Volume 5: Shiawase Hitosu to Aoi Tori (released on 2013-03-07)

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