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Little Busters! Refrain
Refrain Cover
English Little Busters! Refrain
Publication Date October 05, 2013
Genres Fantasy, Harem, Romance

Little Busters! Refrain is the last scenario of the Little Busters! Visual Novel and the second season of the animation.


Little Busters! Refrain is the second season of the Little Busters! anime. It airs from October 5th and has 13 episodes. In the anime, the story will contain the routes of Yuiko Kurugaya and Rin Natsume, as well as the final route, Refrain. The Blu-Rays will also contain episodes (OVAs) from Little Busters! EX.
In the visual novel, to unlock this part of the game, the player must have finished all available scenarios, with the exception of the Little Busters Ecstasy! scenarios. Refrain is also a continuation of Rin Playthrough II. Unlike the other scenarios Refrain is divided into different parts.

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