Kanji ぐりーてぃんぐ!
Rōmaji gurītingu!
Chapter Information
Volume 01
Chapter 01
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N/A Little Busters! Noumi Kudryavka 02 - Friendly!

Greeting! (ぐりーてぃんぐ, gurītingu) is the first chapter of the Little Busters! - Noumi Kudryavka manga.


Kyousuke Natsume decides to form a baseball team with his childhood friends, and calls it Little Busters! Riki Naoe sits in class and is reminded of his childhood days with the Little Busters! He is reminded that Kyousuke said they don't have enough members, and asked him to look for some. After class, just when he was about to search for new members, Masato Inohara and Kengo Miyazawa get into a fight; Kyousuke appears and tells them they have to fight using random weapons. Masato gets a cat as a weapon, which makes Rin Natsume angry and results in her kicking him in the face. While Rin and Masato fight, Riki decides to leave. When he leaves the classroom, he gets attacked by Strelka; the dog of the public order committee. Public order committee leader Kanata Futaki appears, and holds him responsible for the mess in the classroom; however Kyousuke saves him. Riki leaves looking for members.
At some point, while blindly looking for members; he sees a frisbee flying above his head; and Kudryavka Noumi stumbles upon him. Surprised by this, she hits a nearby tree and hurts herself. After standing up, she greets Riki using bad English. Riki tries to correct her, which makes Kud a little sad; but she tries to speak English again nonetheless. When she notices that Riki understands her, she becomes very happy. They start talking, and Kud explains that she is getting used to the school, except that she would like to get along better with her roommate, Rin. Then Belka and Strelka appear, which scares Riki because they are the public order committee's dogs. But Kud tells him not to worry, as they are like sisters to her; and when she got admitted to the school she brought the dogs along in exchange for them helping the public order committee. They continue playing. Riki realizes that she would be pretty good for their baseball team and invites her.
Riki introduces Kud to the rest of the Little Busters, who immediately begin to question Riki because she doesn't look very suitable for sports. So they put Kud through a test. However, when she is given a glove, she wears the gloves in both hands, and even wears them on her feet. Kud tries to run but trips because she is wearing baseball gloves as shoes. They correct her and tell her to wear the glove only in one hand. She easily catches the ball, which surprises Kyousuke and the rest and he allows her to join the Little Busters. Kud becomes very happy, and tries to speak English again.
The next day Kud greets everyone, but Rin quickly runs away.

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