Kanji 二郎
Rōmaji Jirou
Age 8 Years
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukiyo Fuji
First Appearance
Anime Episode 24 - If You're Happy, Rin-chan, Then I'm Happy Too

Jirou (二郎, Jirou) is an eight year-old boy. He is one of the children Rin meets and does the puppet show for.



Jirou is an eight year-old boy. His friends are Ami, YumiTarou and Saburou. He likes to play baseball.
After Rin gets a mission from Lennon to "do the puppet show", she meets Jirou and his friends. Tarou accidentally broke Yumi's doll while playing baseball. Ami wanted to give her a puppet show for her birthday but is not able to anymore, so Rin promises the kids she will fix the doll and do the puppet show.



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