Ivan Strugatsky
Kanji イワン・ストルガツキー
Rōmaji Ivan Sutorugatsukii
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuru Ogata
English John Swasey
First Appearance
Anime Episode 21 - 50 Nautical Sky Miles

Ivan Strugatsky (イワン・ストルガツキー, Ivan Sutorugatsukii), (Иван Стругацкий) is Kudryavka's grandfather and Chernushka's father.


His appearance differs in the anime and the manga. In the anime he is slender, has short grey hair and blue eyes. In the manga he is large and broad; has white hair and a beard.


Ivan Strugatsky is a jewish Russian and was born in Kalingrad, Russia. He got a job for a Russian space agency Glavcosmos; for which he had to move to Tebwa, a former colony of the Soviet Union located in the pacific ocean which is developing its own space program. Later, he got a job which required him to travel all around the world; staying a few months to 2 years in every country.
He loves Japanese culture; because of this he married a Japanese wife and got a daughter, Chernushka and taught her Japanese culture and language. When Chernushka got a daughter, Kudryavka, she was too busy becoming a cosmonaut on Tebwa to raise Kudryavka; so she let her father take care of her. Ivan took Kudryavka with him around the world, making her live in many different countries for a short time. He also taught her Japanese culture and language.




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