Haruka Headshots


  • Kanata Futaki: Kanata is the older twin sister of Haruka. Initially, they hated each other. Kanata always thought of Haruka as a trouble maker because of her always breaking the rules. After solving their family problems, they start to openly care about each other. 

  • Shou Saigusa: Shou is one of Haruka's fathers and the biological one assigned to her (which father is whose biologically is never actually revealed).
  • Riki Naoe: Riki is Haruka's friend and her teammate. He is the most helpful in solving Haruka's problems. As with all the visual novel's routes, they date in her route and nowhere else.
  • Masato Inohara: Masato is Haruka's friend and teammate. He and Haruka are the silliest members of the Little Busters. Haruka often interferes with or teases Masato. Without them both, the atmosphere feels quiet.
  • Yuiko Kurugaya: Yuiko seems to be Haruka's close friend and crush, though Haruka is also interested in Riki (as with half the school). Yuiko acts to be the older sister for Haruka and the other female members of Little Busters. Haruka calls her Elder Sister (姉御, Anego), though behind her back (never to her face as she hates her name), she can sometimes call her Yui-nee.
  • Kudryavka Noumi: Kudryavka is Haruka's friend and teammate. Haruka calls her Kuu-ko or Kudo-ko.
  • Mio Nishizono: Mio is Haruka's friend and teammate. One of the OVAs indicates that Mio may be interested in Haruka, but nothing comes from that. Haruka calls her Miocchi.
  • Kyousuke Natsume: Kyousuke is the leader of the Little Busters. Indirectly, he helps in solving Haruka's problem by Riki.

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