Episode 24
Episode 24
English If You're Happy, Rin-chan, Then I'm Happy Too
Kanji 鈴ちゃんが幸せならわたしも幸せだから)
Rōmaji Rin-chan ga Shiawase nara Watashi mo Shiawase dakara
Release March 23, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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If You're Happy, Rin-chan, Then I'm Happy Too (鈴ちゃんが幸せならわたしも幸せだから Rin-chan ga Shiawase nara Watashi mo Shiawase dakara) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on March 23, 2013.

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Riki and Rin are by the side of the river when they receive another mysterious letter telling them to do a puppet show, and soon spy some kids having an argument. A girl was going to put on a puppet show for her friend, but the panda doll she was going to use got damaged. Wanting to clear the task, Rin tells the kids she will put on a puppet show the next day. Rin initially gets help from the rest of the Little Busters, but after Kanata calls curfew and sends them back to their rooms, Komari secretly comes over to Rin's room to finish the preparations until the following morning. Rin takes everything back to the spot by the river where she tells Riki that she should try hard to do the show by herself because Komari helped her so much. The five kids from the previous day show up and Rin puts on the show for them which they all enjoy. Rin goes to see Komari, but initially has trouble finding her until she finds her up on the school roof. Komari congratulates Rin for a job well done and tells her she was wishing on a star for success. Komari says the star-shaped hair ornament she wears is also a wishing star that may grant her wish, and when Rin points out that she has two, Komari says that the other star will be for granting Rin's wish.

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