Episode 21
Episode 21
English 50 Nautical Sky Miles
Kanji 50ノーティカルマイルの空
Rōmaji 50 Nōtikaru Mairu no Sora
Release March 02, 2013
Running Time 25 Minutes
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50 Nautical Sky Miles (50ノーティカルマイルの空, 50 Nōtikaru Mairu no Sora) is the twenty-first episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on March 02, 2013. It is the first episode of Kud's arc.

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After another training session, the Little Busters join up to clean their clubroom. Later in the night, Riki comes across Kudryavka and assists her with a traditional ritual of her country, Tebwa, which was once part of the Soviet Union. During the ritual, Kudryavka tells Riki about her mother and how she spent little time with her as she was preparing herself to become an astronaut. Kudryavka also tells him that her name comes from Laika, a Soviet space dog who became the first animal to orbit the Earth. When the day finally comes for her mother to launch into space, Riki goes to look for Kudryavka to watch it on TV with her. When he finds her outside, she feels that it is better not to watch it as her own manner of wishing good luck. However, Riki and Kudryavka later learn that the rocket exploded on launch, and that mission control has lost contact with Kudryavka's mother.

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Episode 21


  • This episode marks the starting point to the main plot of Kud's arc.

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