Episode 07
Episode 07
English Now Then, Who Am I?
Kanji さて、わたしは誰でしょう?
Rōmaji Sate, Watashi wa Dare Deshō?
Release November 17, 2012
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Now Then, Who Am I? (さて、わたしは誰でしょう?, Sate, Watashi wa Dare Deshō?) is the seventh episode of the Little Busters! Animation. It aired on November 17, 2012.

Short SummaryEdit

Kyousuke asks Riki to find more members for the baseball team since he got Komari and Yuiko to join. Riki and Rin come upon Haruka after school and bring her along to the practice field, but are interrupted by members of the disciplinary committee who take Haruka away because she skipped detention. The next morning, the committee members come looking for Haruka again, but she runs away with Riki in tow. They end up face to face with the disciplinary committee chairman Kanata Futaki, who reprimands Riki for always causing trouble with his friends. After school, Riki returns to the classroom to get his gym clothes before baseball practice, and he finds Haruka finishing up fixing a desk Masato accidentally broke earlier; Haruka tells him that she is a member of the maintenance committee. On their way to the baseball field, Riki and Haruka are stopped by the disciplinary committee because they suspect Haruka unlawfully obtained several cans from a vending machine, but Haruka says she won them. The committee members do not believe her, but Riki stops them before they can take Haruka away, and he pays for the cans with help from Rin so that they will leave Haruka alone. Riki tells the others that Haruka wants to join the team, and after Haruka passes Kyousuke's membership test, she becomes the newest member of the Little Busters.

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Important EventsEdit

  • Riki and Rin continued to look for new members.
  • At first, Haruka was about to join the Little Busters until the disciplinary committee arrived and fetched Haruka up for her violations.
  • One day, when Haruka was about to go with the disciplinary committee for unlawfully obtained several cans from a vending machine, Riki protected her and paid the cans to them.
  • Haruka passed the membership test and joined the team.

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