EX 04
English Someday, Somewhere...
Kanji いつか、どこかで・・・
Rōmaji Itsuka, Dokokade...
Release April 23, 2014
Running Time 24 Minutes
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EX 03 - Executives of Darkness EX 05 - Sasami Becomes a Cat

Someday, Somewhere... (いつか、どこかで・・・, Itsuka, Dokokade...) is the fourth episode of Little Busters! EX. The episode first aired on April 23, 2014, as part of the third blu-ray volume of Little Busters! Refrain. It is the final episode of Saya Tokido's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

It is revealed that Saya's father works as a doctor and while at work overseas, she was taken with him and she was given a manga which she treasured dearly. When she returned to her hometown, she met Riki and they played ball together until it started to rain. On the way home, a mudslide seemingly killed Saya, but not before she enters the artificial world Kyousuke created. She is repeating the same scenario, and dies every time, thus making Kyousuke rewind time. In one of the replays, Saya and Riki face Shun Tokikaze, the antagonist of the manga Saya loved so much, which, coincidentally, Saya is the protagonist of the same manga. Using Riki as a decoy, she defeats Shun and goes to the 60th floor of the basement to receive the treasure. In a flashback, Saya reasons with Shun to let her replay her scenario one last time, and, because in the manga, the treasure was not revealed yet, requests Shun to make the treasure a biological weapon. Arriving at the 60th floor, Saya locks herself in a room and Riki witnesses Saya shoot herself in the head. Riki then wakes up, and Kyousuke tells him that the Darkness Executives "jumped the gun" and that the treasure was a time machine. In the epilogue, it is revealed that Saya, back to when she was a little girl, did not die in the mudslide. She tells her dad of a dream that she had, and, when she later recovers, she goes outside to play with Riki.

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