EX 03
English Executives of Darkness
Kanji 闇の執行部
Rōmaji Yami no Shikkōbu
Release March 26, 2014
Running Time 24 Minutes
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EX 02 - The Two in the Labyrinth EX 04 - Someday, Somewhere...

Executives of Darkness (闇の執行部, Yami no Shikkōbu) is the third episode of Little Busters! EX. The episode was released on March 26, 2014, as part of the third blu-ray volume of Little Busters! Refrain.

Short SummaryEdit

While Riki and Saya are walking through the dungeon, Riki is reminded of the fact that he was in love with Saya. However, Saya interrupts his thoughts, saying that he distracts him. At that moment, she trips and falls down.
Saya tells they need to pull a rope to advance to the next level; however the rope is located to high to reach. So Saya needs to stand on Riki and jump in order to pull the rope. However they also need to defeat a gigantic golem in order to advance to the next level. While Saya is distracting the golem; Riki is trying to find a way to defeat it. Riki finds a sword, and taunts the golem to attack him. Saya climbs on the golem's head; and finds a key-hole on top of its head. Riki throws the sword to Saya, who inserts it into the keyhole, which destroys the golem. However, Saya falls down and hurts her leg. Riki carries her to the next floor.
Saya confesses to Riki and tries to kiss him. Surprised, Riki does not accept the kiss. Saya says she will either kill him or kill herself because he rejected her. But Riki says he also loves her and kisses her.
Next level of the dungeon; Riki and Saya have to descent a slope using ropes. Saya almost falls because of her leg, but Riki saves her. They start talking about love; which embarrasses Saya and distracts her, which makes her fall down. However Saya seems unharmed, so they continue. Since now they are close to treasure; Saya starts talking about the treasure and says it's not an ordinary treasure like money or gold. Riki guesses the treasure is a part of an UFO; but Saya thinks it's a time machine. They only have to defeat the leader of the Darkness Executives, Shun Tokikaze to reach the treasure; who arrives at that moment. Riki readies his gun, but Saya stops him; telling him that she needs to defeat him alone. Shun Tokikaze leaves, and Saya follows him. Riki tries to follow them but is blocked by bars. Saya promises that they will go on a date, and leaves.
Saya fights with Shun, but is killed. A game over screen is shown; and Saya says she already died 99 times. Saya chooses to "replay"; and everything starts over again with Riki and Saya meeting again in the hallway.

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