EX 02
English The Two in the Labyrinth
Kanji 迷宮の二人
Rōmaji Mēkyū no Futari
Release February 26, 2014
Running Time 24 Minutes
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The Two in the Labyrinth (迷宮の二人, Meikyū no Futari) is the second episode of Little Busters! EX. It first aired on February 26, 2014, as part of the second blu-ray volume of Little Busters! Refrain.

Short SummaryEdit

Saya and Riki decide that before they venture any further to finding the 'treasure', they must first top up with supplies of food and drink, as they do not know what is ahead of them. They do some shopping and looking around town, which excites Saya, much to Riki's interest. Eventually they return to Saya's treasure hunt mission. After running into a some trouble with the Darkness Executives, they find a bath, which Saya awkwardly undresses and gets into. They then have a picnic, when a sudden realization hits Riki that they had met before in the past, and had been in love.

Detailed SummaryEdit


  • Saya takes a bath alone, unlike in the Visual Novel, where Riki and Saya take the bath together.

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