EX 01
English Secret Agent: Saya Tokido
Kanji 諜報員朱鷺戸沙耶
Rōmaji Chōhōin Tokido Saya
Release January 29, 2014
Running Time 24 Minutes
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Refrain 13 - Little Busters EX 02 - The Two in the Labyrinth

Secret Agent: Saya Tokido (諜報員朱鷺戸沙耶, Chōhōin Tokido Saya) is the first episode of Little Busters! EX. The first 9 minutes of the episode were previewed on January 22, 2014 during a Niconico Live event. The full episode first aired on January 29, 2014 as part of the first blu-ray volume of Little Busters! Refrain. This episode marks the start of Saya Tokido's arc.

Short SummaryEdit

While returning to pick up a notebook at his classroom during nightime, Riki is approached by a girl who urges him to flee. He does as she asks, but after hearing a gunshot, he turns back and finds an abandoned student ID. In the next day, Riki returns the ID to Saya Tokido, a student from the same year as him, and later is invited by her to meet him at the rooftop. When Saya meets Riki, she declares that she must dispose of him, or the "Darkness Executives" may discover her identity. Saya then attempts to have Riki fall from the roof, but when Masato appears, Riki manages to escape by having his friend catch him. Believing it must be another of Kyousuke's pranks, Riki inquires him about the Darkness Executives, and his friend asks him to not involve himself with them, as not even Kyousuke can oppose them for the sake of Rin's safety. After Saya fails to kill him in two other occasions, Riki being saved in the nick of time by Kengo in one of them, she decides to ask for his help instead, revealing that her mission is to locate a "secret treasure" inside the school. The duo then look for clues together when they spot a mysterious contraption inside a classroom, and after Riki figures out how to activate it, a secret entrance is revealed. Riki and Saya then pass through the entrance, fleeing from the Darkness Executives who appear to attack them.

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