Characolle: Key
English Characolle: Key
Kanji きゃらコレ!Key
Rōmaji kyaracore! Key
Publication Date March 4, 2011

Characolle: Key (きゃらコレ!Key; kyaracore! Key; Full name: Character Collection Key) is an official 3-D animation and dancing game.


The game was developed by Illusion and released on March 4, 2011. The game is in Japanese but an unofficial English patch is available.
It contains two modes. The first mode is an animation mode; which allows the player to control various models. The game contains 3-D models of Rin Natsume and Kudryavka Noumi; as well as 3-D models of various locations (such as the school and the shopping district as seen in the visual novel) and objects; such as Rin's cat Dorj and Kud's dogs.
The second mode is a dancing mode; which allows the player to create dances using various dance moves and special effects.

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